OSHO: There is no other way to be religious. All that you have heard about religion, read about religion, has to be totally dropped. Unless you are clean, with no writing on your consciousness, you will never know what religion is. The so-called religions are doing just the opposite. And you can see the result.

The whole world is divided into religions: somebody is going to the synagogue, somebody is going to 
the temple, somebody else is going to the church. But do you find any religiousness anywhere?

Every child is brought up, conditioned, in a certain religion. It is one of the biggest crimes against
humanity. Nothing can be a bigger crime than to pollute the mind of an innocent child with ideas which are going to become hindrances in his discovery of life. The moment you want to discover something, you have to be absolutely unprejudiced. You cannot discover religion as a Mohammedan, as a Christian, as a Hindu -- no. These are the ways to prevent you from discovering religion.

Every society, until now, has been trying to indoctrinate every child. Before the child becomes capable of asking questions he is being given answers. Do you see the stupidity of it? The child has not asked the question and you are providing him with an answer. What you are in reality doing is killing the very possibility of the question arising. You have filled his mind with the answer. And unless he has his own
question, how can he have his own answer? The quest has to be sincerely his. It cannot be borrowed, it cannot be inherited.

But this nonsense has continued for centuries. The priest is interested, the politician is interested, the
parents are interested in making something of you before you can discover who you are. They are afraid that if you discover who you are you will be a rebel, you will be dangerous to the vested interests. Then you will be an individual, living in his own right, not living a borrowed life.

They are so afraid, that before the child becomes capable of asking, inquiring, they start stuffing his
mind with all kinds of nonsense. The child is helpless. He naturally believes in the mother, in the father, and
of course he believes in the priest in whom the father and mother believe. The great phenomenon of doubt
has not arisen yet. And it is one of the most precious things in life, to doubt, because unless you doubt you
cannot discover.

You have to sharpen your doubting forces so that you can cut through all rubbish and you can ask questions which nobody can answer. Only your own quest, inquiry, will help you to come to the realization of them.

The religious question is not something which can be answered by somebody else. Nobody else can love
on your behalf. Nobody else can live on your behalf. You have to live your life, and you have to seek and
search the fundamental questions of life. And unless you discover yourself there is no joy, no ecstasy. If

God is just given to you, readymade, it is not worth anything, it is valueless. But that's how it is being done.

What you call religious ideas are not religious, but only superstitions carried down the ages -- for so long that just their ancientness has made them appear like truth.

Adolf Hitler, in his autobiography, My Struggle, makes many significant statements. The man was mad, but sometimes mad people say things which sane people are afraid to say. One of his most important statements is: "Any lie can become truth if repeated often, emphasized again and again, told by everybody
from every corner." You go to the school and you hear about God and prayer. In the home you hear about God and prayer. You go to the temple and you hear about God and prayer. So many people... and just a small child against this whole mob.

It is impossible for him to doubt -- all these people are wrong? And these are not the only people. Their parents, and their parents, for thousands of years, have been believing in these truths. They all cannot be
wrong, "And I, a small child against this whole humanity...." He cannot gather courage. He starts repressing any possibility of doubt. And everybody else helps to repress doubt, because "doubt is from the devil. Doubt is a great, perhaps the greatest, sin. Belief is virtue. Believe and you will find; doubt, and you have missed on the very first step."

The truth is just the opposite. Believe and you will never find, and whatsoever you find will be nothing
but the projection of your own belief -- it will not be truth. What has truth to do with your believing? Doubt, and doubt totally, because doubt is a cleansing process. It takes out all junk from your mind. It makes you again innocent, again the child which has been destroyed by the parents, by the priests, by the politicians, by the pedagogues. You have to discover that child again. You have to start from that point. Hence, my whole effort here is to destroy all your so-called religious ideas.

It will hurt you because those religious ideas have become so intimate to you that you have forgotten
they are not your discoveries, they are not your experiences. You have not lived them; you have not even loved them. Somebody else has forced you to believe in them, and whosoever has done it has committed an inhuman act against you.

I am not saying that those people are knowingly doing it. They are themselves victims of the same process; their parents did it to them, their teachers did it to them. So I am not saying to start feeling angry against them. They did it thinking it is good for you... but just by their thinking, anything is not going to become good -- just by their thinking. They have been trying to help you, but they don't know that there are
things in which a person should be left alone; only then can he discover. If you try to help him you are
crippling him.

Don't try to force anybody to take your help while he can manage on his own. Don't force anybody to see through your eyes when he has eyes. And at least, please, don't place your specs on anybody's eyes;
your numbers are different. You will drive that person blind, you will distort his vision. But not only specs
are being put on you, people are putting their eyes on top of your eyes... and they are all doing it for your
good, for your sake. And after twenty years, thirty years of continuous conditioning, you start forgetting that you had never asked the question in the first place...

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