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As I said in the preceding section, human beings possess various toxins when they are born into this world. Since it is impossible to maintain perfectly good health because of the obstruction these toxins create, the body is constituted to undergo a constant natural purification process to eliminate them physiologically. This natural purification process is accompanied by some pain connected with the process known as sickness.

This can be illustrated by reference to the most common of all sicknesses, the cold. Though there is probably no one who has not experienced a cold at one time or another, the causes of the sickness remain unknown to medical science. My own discovery, however, has been that the cold is one of the simplest of all purification processes. A person who catches a cold is likely to manifest a variety of unpleasant symptoms - fever, headaches, coughing, expectoration, nasal discharges, loss of appetite, sweating, lethargy, and pain in the joints - that I will shortly discuss in detail.

First, though, I must look at the nature of the purification process, which I divide into two categories. In the first category, various toxins in the blood accumulate and harden in various parts of the body. The places were they naturally accumulate are areas of nerve concentration or regions that are on the underside of the body when it is at rest. As time passes, the accumulated toxins harden to produce what is commonly called stiffness. usually this condition is painless or associated with nothing worse than stiffness of the shoulders.

The second purification process occurs when the first one has already exceeded certain limits and natural elimination of toxins begins. To facilitate such elimination, it is essential to dissolve the hardened toxins. Fever is the means employed to achieve this end. The degree of fever required depends on the hardness, nature, and quantity of the toxins and on the patient's physical constitution. Fever is occasionally experienced from fatigue after exercise. This happens because exercise stimulates the purification process. The toxins dissolved by it are removed from the body in sweat, expectoration, and nasal discharges.

Since it results in expectoration, coughing in such cases can serve as a "pump". Nasal discharges are removed in sneezing. Sputum is expectorated after coughing; sneezing is always followed by discharge of nasal matter. Fever, expectoration, and the taking of medicine cause loss of appetite. The movement caused by the dissolution of hardened toxins and preparation to eliminate them stimulates the nerves in the affected area and brings on headache and pains in the joints. Toxins being eliminated by coughing come into contact with the mucous membranes, causing catarrh in the throat and vocal cords, which in turn cause pain and hoarseness.

If no treatment is given and no medicines are used, these symptoms of the cold are left to run their natural courses and they will be cured in a short time, as the purification process is completed in an orderly way. Relying on natural therapy in this way reduces the amount of toxins in the body and improves health. by showing that colds should really be welcomed as the simplest of the purification processes, this discussion should make clear how mistaken people are when they fear them, and how mistaken medical science is to try so hard to prevent people from catching them. Since ancient times, it has been said, for example, that "the cold is the source of all illness." In fact, however, it is necessary to affirm that the cold is the sole means by which all other illnesses can be avoided.

Ignorant of the causes of the cold, medical science applies various methods when a person catches cold, yet all of them halt the purification process. Antipyretics, ice packs and wet applications to lower fever are examples. They have the effect of setting purification back from the second to the first category. They re harden those toxins that had begun to dissolve. Though doctor and patient are deluded into thinking the condition is improving because such symptoms as fever, coughing, and nasal discharge are reduced, actually the toxins have hardened again and the situation has regressed to what it was before second-category purification started. Recurrence of the illness is therefore only to be expected. It is important to notice that all such steps as medication, ice packs, and wet applications make the situation worse when it does recur because they halt the purification process. Consequently, the repeated interruption of minor purification processes by such means as medicines causes the toxins to accumulate and increase, thus making necessary an inevitable major purification process, which takes the form of a serious illness.

February 5, 1947


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